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Letters From Fans

December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Connie!

You most likely are getting a zillion cards and letters wishing you a happy birthday on your special day of 12 December.  I not only want to honor you on your birthday (which is also Frank Sinatra’s birthday as I’m sure you also know,) I also want to honor you for all the happiness you have given to us, your fans, with your God-given talents.  I am four years older than you are and the early years of my life in my 20s and 30s were filled with your recordings and the music of the day.  I turned 78 in July and my life is still filled with you and your music – much to my delight.  My only regret is that I was never able to see you perform in person.  I have also read your autobiography, “Who’s Sorry Now,” twice.  In fact, I have just finished reading it a second time and I can tell you I was and am totally overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted reading about both, your triumphs and all the terrible tragedy you have had in your life.  Your book has made me love you even more than your music.  I cannot tell you how proud of you that I am in how you coped with all the tragedy you have had.  You are truly a remarkable woman!

There is something else I have wanted to say to you since 1960.  July 1960 is another major event that you did not mention in your book.  If you will recall, that is when you recorded your “Spanish and Latin” album.  It is also when you became an undisputed artist!  Each song on that album was delivered artistically as opposed to your merely singing the songs.  Your artistry can only be compared with great artists as Maria Callas, Renata Tebaldi, Regine Crespin and other great artists of that caliber.  I can’t tell you how many countless times I have played that album via the CD I made of it.  Everything about that recording was perfect – your voice was totally suited to the music and your enunciation of the Spanish/Latin language was exquisite!  How can I begin to thank you for the joy you have created and given to me with that recording?  Of equal merit your CDs of “The Italian Collections” are also artistically and compassionately sung with heartfelt emotions.  Beautiful songs as “Mamma,” “Chitarra Romana,” “Al Di La,” “Il Cielo in una Stanza,” and “La Paloma” exceed the highest standards of artistic accomplishment in the manner that you sing them.  Your singing of all the songs on both disks attest to your commitment of artistic accomplishment.

God has made you his messenger to all the people of this world by giving you the talent He gave you.  I don’t want to sound corny to you, but listening to you sing makes me realize that you are one of God’s “chosen few.”  That fact and the fact that you are a true artist is the highest compliment I can give to you in return for all the happiness you have given to us with your talents.

While you may not be singing as much these days, you are not forgotten, and you are and always will be cherished by me for all you have given to us.  My only regret is that I cannot return all the love and joy you have given.  I hope you will have received this short note to you and that you will read it, and know how sincere I am about all I have said.  In fact, I could never say enough good things about you, Connie.  To merely say thank you could never equate to all you have given.

Please accept my very best and genuine wishes that you are well, happy, and surrounded with love for the rest of your life.

With infinite love for you, I leave you with the happiest of birthdays and wish you many, many more of them in the future.  Merry Christmas!




August 12, 2013


Hi Connie,

I wrote this several years ago and wanted to share it with you.

Love You Always,


Hi All,

You may recall that several weeks ago I mentioned I’d given a number of Connie’s CDs to a lovely woman who lives in the community I work at and she had a “Connie Party” which lasted into the wee hours of the evening.  I haven’t seen her since returning from vacation, but thought perhaps she was at her daughter’s riding out this incessant Tropical Storm Fay which seems to want to take up permanent residence here in Florida!

This evening I received a phone call from her and she told me she’d had emergency open heart surgery but was now at home and eager to resume riding the bus.  This came as a shock because this lady is a vegetarian, slim, and seemingly in very good health.

Here is the touching part of the story: she said that she insisted that her daughter bring her Connie CDs and her portable player to the hospital.  She played those CDs day and night and said that all the medical staff really enjoyed hearing Connie’s music.  In referring to Connie, she said “She’s THE REASON I healed so quickly.  Connie’s voice is the best medicine in the world, and I cannot thank you enough for giving me all these wonderful CDs, Connie is the best!”

Isn’t that great ~~ we all know how Connie’s voice can change the bluest days into bright ones, calm our troubled souls, sooth our broken hearts, and take our very being to indescribable heights of joy and contentment.  How nice to hear that this lady relied on Connie and her magnificent voice to sustain her through this difficult time.

There was a reason Connie was in pre-med it seems!  It is so very rewarding to have been the impetus in sharing and spreading appreciation of this remarkable woman’s unparalleled, God-given, gem of a voice.  I know that all of us on this group “get it” ~~ Connie is simply part of our being!



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