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Connie Francis "Where The Boys Are"

Where The Boys Are

Where The Boys Are, written by George Wells  was based on four college co-eds who spend spring break in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with the hope of having fun in the sun and meeting lots of boys.  Merrit, the most free thinking of the group soon meets an Ivy League senior who also happens to be very, very rich. Tuggle's main challenge in life is that she is probably the tallest girl at her school but may have found her soul mate in the form of the even taller TV Thompson. Angie is looking for any boy who might think she's attractive and focuses her chances on an oddball musician, Basil. Finally, there's Melanie, the youngest who is away from home for the first time in her life and is the first of the group to hook up with someone. She has mixed up with a bad crowd however, and is assaulted. All of the young women learn something about life from their trip.​


           Where The Boys Are
Director  ~  Henry Levin
Producer  ~  Joe Pasternak
Screenwriter ~ George Wells​

Connie Francis ~ Angie
Dolores Hart ~ Merritt
Paula Prentiss ~ Tuggle

George Hamilton ~ Ryder
Yvette Mimieux ~ Melanie
Jim Hutton ~ TV Thompson
Frank Gorshin ~ Basil

Songs ~ Neil Sedaka
              Howard Greenfield

Release Date ~ December 28, 1960

Connie Francis "Follow The Boys"

Follow The Boys

Bonnie, Toni, Michele and Liz are on the French Riviera to visit their respective husbands and boyfriends in the U.S. Navy.  Bonnie tries to resume her canceled honeymoon, Liz wishes her newly-promoted husband would settle down, French woman Michele wants Lt. Langley to spend some time with her, meanwhile his fiancée, Toni takes an interest in Lt. Smith.


           Follow The Boys
Director  ~  Richard Thorpe

Connie Francis ~ Bonnie
Paula Prentiss ~ Toni

Janis Paige ~ Liz
Dany Robin ~ Michele
Russ Tamblyn ~ Lt. "Smitty" Smith

Connie Francis "Looking For Love"

Looking For Love

​Libby has spent an entire month trying to get into show business with her singing, and has not made it. Therefore, she decides to retire and get a job where she can meet the right man and get married. The right man turns out to be Paul Davis, when she sees him at the supermarket. The only problem is that Paul ignores her as his ideal woman is TnT (tall and top heavy,) which Libby is not. One day, Libby creates a clothes stand which she calls the "Lady Valet." This product interests Paul who wants to promote it. Paul gets Libby on the "Tonight Show" to push the product and when she mentions that she was formerly a singer, Johnny asks her to sing. After that, the career in showbiz that she had not found grows much to the astonishment of Paul. She uses her new fame to get Paul's attention.


          Looking For Love
Director  ~  Don Weis
Producer  ~  Joe Pasternak
Screenwriter ~ Ruth Brooks Flippen

Connie Francis ~ Libby Caruso
Jim Hutton ~ Paul Davis

Johnny Carson
Yvette Mimieux
Paula Prentiss
George Hamilton
Danny Thomas

Release Date ~ November 27, 1964

Connie Francis "When The Boys Meet The Girls"


When The Boys Meet The Girls

​​Danny Churchill is a young heir who tries to help Ginger, an attractive postal worker in rural Nevada, save her father's ranch from closing due to being heavily in debt with some Reno gangster types for her father's compulsive gambling. Danny, with his college friends help, turn Ginger and her father's ranch into a motel for impending divorcees in order to get out of debit, while Danny courts Ginger, but tries to keep his past reputation a secret when his former girlfriend Tess, a spiteful gold-digger, relentlessly pursues him and his wealth.


      When The Boys Meet The Girls
Director  ~  Alvin Ganzer
Producer  ~  Sam Katzman

Connie Francis ~ Ginger Gray
Harve Presnell ~ Danny Churchill

Herman's Hermits
Louis Armstrong
Domingo Samudio

Release Date ~ October 10, 1965

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  • 1970-1973 The Mike Douglas Show (TV series)
               Episode dated 7 July 1973
               Episode dated 23 November 1972
               Episode dated 18 May 1970

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               Episode #4.7 (1971)
               Episode #2.111 (1970)

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               Episode dated 12 April 1965
               Episode dated 26 February 1963

  • 1970-1971 The Hollywood Squares (TV series)
               Episode dated 1 March 1971
               Episode dated 30 November 1970        

  • 1958-1970 The Ed Sullivan Show (TV series)
               27 Episodes

  • 1967-1969 The Joey Bishop Show (TV series)
               Episode #4.50 1969
               Episode #4.16 1969
               Episode #3.169 1969
               Episode #2.106 1968
               Episode #2.9 1967​ 

  • 1968 The Jonathan Winters Show (TV series), Episode #1.10

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  • 1966 Es funkeln die Sterne - Eine musikalische Silvesterreise um die Welt (TV movie)

  • 1966 The Andy Williams Show (TV series), Episode dated 3 January

  • 1965 The Steve Lawrence Show (TV series), Taxi Anyone?

  • 1965 Thank Your Lucky Stars (TV series), Episode #7.35

  • 1965 The Eamonn Andrews Show (TV series), Episode #1.34

  • 1965 Ready, Steady, Go! (TV series), Episode #2.39

  • ​1963-1964 The Jack Benny Program (TV series)
               Herself / Em Skinner / Mrs. Stephen Foster
               Hillbilly Sketch … Herself / Em Skinner 1964
               The Connie Francis Show … Herself/Mrs. Stephen Foster 1963


  • 1964 I've Got a Secret (TV series), Episode dated 28 September  ​

  • 1960-1964 The Bell Telephone Hour (TV series)
                 Episode #6.16 (1964)
                 Main Street U.S.A. (1960)

  • 1963 Celebrity Party (TV movie)

  • 1958-1963 New American Bandstand (TV series)

           Episode dated 6 March 1963
           Episode dated 13 December 1962
           Episode dated 2 July 1958
           Episode dated 23 January 1958
           Episode dated 1 January 1958

  • 1963 The Merv Griffin Show (TV series), Episode #1.101

  • 1962 Password All-Stars (TV series), Episode dated 4 November

  • 1962 At This Very Moment (TV movie)

  • 1961 The New Steve Allen Show (TV series) UCLA

  • 1961 What's My Line? (TV series), Episode dated 27 August

  • 1961 Person to Person (TV series documentary), Episode #8.18

  • 1961 The 33rd Annual Academy Awards (TV special)

  • 1959-1961 This Is Your Life (TV series)
               Connie Francis 1961
               Dick Clark 1959

  • 1958-1960 Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall (TV series)
               Episode dated 28 December 1960
               Episode dated 18 November 1959
               Episode dated 22 March 1958

  • 1960 Spectacular (TV series), The Connie Francis Show

  • 1960 Here's Hollywood (TV series), Episode #1.1

  • 1958-1960 The Dick Clark Show (TV series), 6 Episodes

  • 1960 The Revlon Revue (TV series), Episode dated 11 February

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  • 1959 The Jimmie Rodgers Show (TV series)

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  • 1958 The Arthur Murray Party (TV series), Episode dated 27 October

  • 1958 The Big Record (TV series), Episode #1.25

  • 1952 Battle of the Ages (TV series), Episode #1.1
     (more content to come)

Connie and Bobby on Ed Sullivan Show

Connie Francis and Bobby Darin
on The Ed Sullivan Show​


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