Connie Francis' Fan Photo Wall

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Pat James and Connie Francis in Easton, PA 2008

Hans Kunzel and Sandra Casacalenda with Connie Francis - 2008

June Linden with Connie Francis, Lancaster, PA, February 13, 2011

Eric Beesley with Connie Francis, Rahway, NJ, Nov. 2008

Paulette Ostrowske with Connie, New York, NY

Alie Smit with Connie Francis

Patrick Gualtiere and Connie, Nov. 1, 2008

Connie Francis with (unknown,) Brenda David, and Jean Cannizzaro, Coral Springs, FL, 2008

Joe Falbo, Jr., Connie Francis, and Joe Falbo, Sr., Arcada Theater, March 20, 2009

Connie Francis with Joe Falbo, Sr., Chicago Italian Feast, Summer 2009

Connie Francis at the "Roast for Sal Richards." Photo by Timothy O'Reilly

Fans gathered after attending Connie's performance at the Coral Springs Center For The Arts.