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Tinseltown Talks: The roller-coaster life of Connie Francis

The tragedies that befell singer Connie Francis throughout her life would challenge the most resilient of souls. Nevertheless, she navigated each dark, engulfing personal tunnel with unwavering tenacity, always eventually emerging aided by her sense of humor.

“It never failed me and kept me going,” she said from her home in Parkland, Florida. “From the age of 10, I worked on TV with many comedians like Don Rickles and developed a sense of humor. It was Don who gave me my first real belly laugh.”

Her triumphant explosion onto the late 1950s music scene was soon tempered in the early 60s by her father who thwarted any chance of a lasting relationship with the love of her life, singer Bobby Darin. But the 70s and 80s were especially devastating. Her brother was killed by mob hit men, she was raped, she lost her voice requiring years to recuperate, and she was diagnosed with manic depression. Along the way, there was also a miscarriage and four failed marriages. “I tried to see humor in everything, even when I was in a mental institution. But I have to say the support of the public has also been incredibly uplifting. They saw me through the best and worst of times and never stopped writing from around the world to encourage me.” (Read full article)

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